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Prior News

Jet and Nikki will be competing at the Victorian Top Agility Dog competition in 2013!

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AG CH (500) Jadziah Super Sonic ADM JDM SPD HT

Jet gains the final agility pass needed at Portland to obtain his Agility Champion 500 title,
with a 2nd Place as well!

Jet is the first Australian Shepherd to obtain the AG CH 500 title and only the third Aussie in Australia to gain their Agility Champion title under either rule versions.

Nikki and Jet are the first owner/breeder/handler team to gain this title, so we are very, very, proud of our boy. Not only is he handsome, but clever too!

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Jet and Nikki qualify for the Victorian Top Agility Dog competition 2012!

Competing on the day was truly spectacular, getting 1 of 2 clear rounds and 2nd place. Here is Jet with some of his prizes:


Together with our Strategic Pairs Partners Flick and Julija Kinghorn, we placed
1st in Excellent Strategic Pairs.

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Azra and Nikki are selected to represent Victoria at the 2012 Agility Nationals Teams event in Sydney as the emergency! Here is a photo of the team:

L to R: Ziggy & Karolyn De Graauw, Nellie & Laura Distefano, Katie Kisielnicki & Kirra, Roslyn Atyeo & Paris,
Geraldine Kisielnicki & Merlot, Nikki Janetzki & Azra



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