About Us

We are a small breeder of Australian Shepherds located just outside the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne on a small acreage. We have had Aussies since 2001 and started breeding in 2015. Prior to that we were involved with my Mum’s Shelties which we have had in the family since 1980.

Our 2.5 acres allows us to enjoy the country lifestyle, and gives us the room for our dogs to run, play and just be silly. It also allows us to practice and train in our beloved sport of agility.

We love going for walks with friends and we often take some spectacular photos of our dogs all being excellent models <3

Nikki is an instructor at Action Dogs & K9 Agility, which are specialist agility clubs, and is more than happy to share her knowledge and experience with you.  In January 2013 Nikki became an agility judge able to judge all levels of the Agility & Jumping classes.