Unfortunately we do not have puppies at the moment and our next litter will not be until 2023.

We are currently taking expressions of interest for potential homes.

Our puppies (like our dogs) live and are raised in our home, they enjoy being part of the family. Visits to see dogs and puppies are generally when the pups are 5-8 weeks of age as this is when the are running around and playing, prior to this they are not very active and sleep a lot.

Our dogs and puppies are all fed a raw diet completely balanced for their needs.

All our puppies are: microchipped, vaccinated, wormed, eye tested and Limit Registered with Dogs Victoria. It is a condition of sale that puppies sold into pet homes will be desexed.
Parents of puppies are: Hip & Elbow scored, eye tested and DNA tested for genetic issues relating to Australian Shepherds. 

Registered ANKC Breeder – Dogs Victoria
We are registered Breeders with Dogs Victoria – the ANKC Member Body for pure bred pedigree dogs. Dogs Victoria Membership No: 3100003877. Feel free to contact Dogs Victoria on (03) 9788 2500 to verify our membership.

Pet Exchange Register
The Pet Exchange Register promotes responsible pet breeding and improves the traceability of dogs and cats being sold in Victoria. If a person advertises a puppy, kitten, dog or cat for sale or to give away in Victoria, they will need a source number from the Pet Exchange Register (PER).

Our Pet Exchange Register (PER) is: RB106294 

Waiting List
Unfortunately we do not take a waiting list as we only breed occasionally and we find that this avoids disappointment if our litter doesn’t eventuate or we don’t have the puppy that you are looking for. Instead we prefer to wait until puppies are confirmed before taking expressions of interest and then we start discussions with potential families after puppies are born.

Selection Process

Each breeder will have their own selection process so what we do and what other breeders do may be completely different.

Every puppy is unique as is every potential home, therefore we need to ask questions which help us determine: firstly if an Aussie is suitable for you, and secondly, will the puppies we have suit your family and what you want from a puppy/dog? It may seem intimidating that you are being interviewed, however we are trying to make sure that the fit is correct. So it is important that you include all things that could be relevant in your expression of interest. But, it’s not a one way street, you can ask us as many questions as you like during the selection process too.

– Completion of our Expression of Interest Form.
– We will review the applications and then call potential families to have a chat.
– 5-8 weeks potential families are invited to visit our home to meet us, our dogs and the puppies. This is the time that puppies are running around and interating with people and each other. prior to this they are not as active and sleep a lot 🙂
We normally organise 3 weeks of visits and encourage potential families to come each week so that they can see the puppies develop, create bonds, meet us and our dogs, ask questions and to determine preferences.
– 6-8 weeks of age Puppies are microchipped, vaccinated and eye tested.
– Approx 7-8 weeks of age we ask potential families to advise their preferences. We use these preferences, together with the knowledge and understanding we have of each individual puppy to determine if they match each other.
– 7-8 weeks of age we contact potential families with details of their puppy and if they would like to proceed.
– Contract of Sale is sent to potential families to review.
– Puppies are able to go to their new homes after 8 weeks of age.

Along the way we send our new families lots of information that they can read up on and prepare for their pups arrival.

Raising Puppies

We spend a lot of time and take great care and joy in the way that we raise our puppies. It is a process that we are constantly reviewing as methods evolve and improve. We want the best dogs for ourselves and for our new puppy families.

Currently this journey consists of (but not limited to):
– Early Neurological Stimulation
– Puppy Culture Methodologies
– Exposure to different objects, sounds, surfaces
– Socialisation with similar age puppies
– Introduction to a range of foods
– Early toilet Training
– Recall training

Plus lots more.

The Australian Shepherd can be born with any length of tail from short Natural Bob Tail to Full Length Tail and anything inbetween.

You can view our previous litters here