Raw Dog Feeding

Feeding Fresher Food

Choosing to raw feed our dogs is about providing them with food made with natural ingredients similar to what we would eat ourselves. Nutritionists will tell you that you should not eat highly processed foods because they are generally higher in sugars, salt and fat – which can lead to obesity and diabetes. The same goes for your dog.

Kibble (dry food) is generally quite high in fillers such as rice, wheat, barley or other grains, or peas and legumes. These are all high in carbohydrates which convert to sugars – which are not good for your dog. Any meat protein or meat protein meal, meat by-products or fats are rendered and then cooked under high temperatures. Again this is not good for food and particularly fats to be undergoing high temperature cooking. But don’t take our word for it watch ‘Pet Fooled‘ or read/listen to The Forever Dog (available on audible as an audio book).

We feed our dogs and puppies a completely balanced and age appropriate raw diet consisting of raw meats: chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, kangaroo and goat, vegetables, fruits, sardines, eggs and lots more. They also get bones for teeth cleaning and amusement.

Raw 4 Paws

Raw 4 Paws is the pre made raw food we choose to feed our dogs because it contains everything they need to thrive. From a young pre-weaned puppy right through to an aging dog.

It is also the food we recommend to our potential new families as it is completely balanced for growing puppies. Aussies grow quite quickly so a slow steady growth is what is required. Often ‘puppy foods’ are not appropriate for Aussies as it makes them grow too quickly. It is also super easy to store and serve making it very convenient.

Available at Aussie Paws Nutrition or see the stockist list on the website.

We also feed raw meaty bones such as chicken carcasses, turkey necks, roo tails, lamb flaps. Note bone feeding is always supervised. We regularly add extras like sardines and home grown eggs.

More information to come on:
– Weaning puppies onto raw