Dog Treats

What to buy?

We believe that what you feed your puppy and dog is so important to their health and treats are no different.

Many treats available for purchase are imported from outside Australia and this can potentially be dangerous to your dog for a number of reasons:
– any pet food imported into Australia (excluding New Zealand) is irradiated to kill any parasites and bugs. This is done by spraying chemicals onto the food to kill those bugs.
– are you getting what you pay for? Some countries are notorious for substituting some or all ingredients for cheaper alternatives – and this includes injecting substances into items to ‘plump them out’.

Don’t be caught out buying a cheaper alternative that may make your dog ill.

Buy Australian Produce

Buying Australian produce is not only supporting Australian jobs and economy it is ensuring your dog gets the best there is. A lot of Australian pet treats are exported because the excellent quality is highly sort after. You too can feed the best there is!

We use and recommended food and treats from Aussie Paws Nutrition because they only supply Australian and New Zealand produce. The quality and prices are very competitive.

Puppy Favourites

Our go to treats for puppies are:
– Chicken Fillets – very palatable for young puppies and gentle on the stomach
– Bully Sticks – excellent for helping new teeth to break through and to keep them occupied
– Fish Training Treats – small and excellent as a quick training treat
– Beef Jerky – good for chewing so help with teeth and keeping occupied
– Crisp Cubes (any of the proteins – Lamb, Beef, Roo, Goat or Pork) – great to use as a training treat. Nice and dry so can be kept in pockets for surprise treats.